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Ivan Campers and Trailers – BOX TRAILER Warranty

The following information relates to warranties offered by Ivan Campers and Trailers. Please
read all information carefully, and should you have any questions relating to any aspect of
this section, please contact Ivan Campers and Trailers. By purchasing an item from Ivan
Campers and Trailers, you hereby agree to all terms and conditions of warranty as set out

Validity of Claims
Warranties are only valid to original purchaser of the item in question and are valid from the pickup
date only.
For future warranty claim, please provide copy of original invoice and order ID.
Warranties are not transferable under any circumstances.
Ivan Campers and Trailers does not cover damage due to unauthorised modifications, misuse, incorrect
fitting, improper and irregular maintenance, or using it for purposes other than for which it was
Any warranty claim must be submitted in writing accompanied by photographs of the defective part.
All shipping charges for the return of faulty products must be paid for by the customer. Please do not
return goods without our written authority to do so.
All third party work must be authorised by Ivan Campers and Trailers.

All trailers we provide are covered by our 12 month warranty. .
Once the customer accepts delivery, we reserve the right to repair, replace or provide a full refund, less
shipping charges if any.
Please note that there is no warranty applicable on
o Tyres, Rims or Wheel bearings
o Straps
o Light bulbs
o Jockey Wheel
Wheel Nuts may loosen after the first few kilometres of use and must be checked and re-tightened if necessary.

The Warranty is deemed Null and Void is product failure is due to improper servicing (incorrect tyre
pressures, not changing wheel bearing grease, taking through water etc.) or overloading.

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